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What do you fancy today?

Our complex is located, literally, between the sea and the mountain, at the mouth of the Guayedra ravine. From your room you will listen to the waves, just a few metres away, and will see the hillside of the ravine which seem to be touching the sky, topped by the Tamadaba pine tree forests

Redondo de Guayedra provides options so every day will be a completely new one, and there is no need to move about! Pick your activity or combine some in one day, as everything is within 5 Km distance and surrounded by real nature.

We give you some ideas:

  • Walk ‘The Water Path’ or any of the easy hiking paths that comprise Redondo de Guayedra.
  • Go swimming in Guayedra Beach, just a few metres away from our core building.
  • Enjoy the pool and sunbathe watching the spectacular natural landscape that surrounds you.
  • Take part in helping grow our ecological orchards.  
  • Read or meditate sit in any of the special places hidden in our gardens.
  • Get a massage or take part in a yoga session while watching the sunset on the sea right in front of you.
  • Or any other idea you may have, here is possible. Just tell us and we will set it up for you.