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Redondo de Guayedra is a 100% natural environment, in the territory awarded as Biosphere Reserve in Gran Canaria and ten kilometres away from the nearest village. Fifty two million square metres in the middle of the wild, where every human action carried out have respected the environment and at the same time recovered what the passing of the time had deteriorated.

Besides, our vacational house and the whole Redondo de Guayedra has been planned and designed to meet the most sensitive environmental and social parametres and develops its activity under strict sustainable-tourism standards:

Land and workers from the island

Building with local materials

Supply from local growers and from our ecologic orchard

Electric vehicles for transport in the premises

Reforestation actions to recover the native biodiversity

Watering using rain water dammed up from the island tops

The guests are offered the opportunity to take part in communal experiences –working in the orchard, with animals…- and to understand the geology around –getting to know the area and geological, biological, landscape, ethnic and historic features-.

  • If the guest wants to live nature with us we will provide some ideas… although we are sure that each guest will make the list grow with his or her experiences lived with us.
  • Diving into the sea and feeling its pleasant and therapeutic effect.
  • Taste the ecologic products of our orchard.
  • Hiking paths in a Biosphere Reserve.
  • Getting to know the reforested native flora.
  • Taking part in the tasks needed to care for our ecologic orchard.
  • Discover the traditional Canarian architecture of rebuilt dwellings.
  • Enjoy the spectacular landscapes from the mountain tops to the sea.
  • Read, meditate or admire the spectacular scenery from any of our nine viewpoints.
  • Enjoy a spa massage in the pool.
  • Taste the area’s traditional gastronomy as well as the island’s.
  • Encountering the different animal species in our mini-animal reserve.